Monday, July 21, 2014

Those Beautiful Black Things I Always Dreamt of…

My wish for unusual yet beautiful black things made me write this post. Yes, the beautiful black things I always fantasized for.
Though Black is the most misunderstood color, usually people associate it with evil. But I always have a special corner for black in my heart. I chose black over any other color when it comes to dresses and accessories.
Black is the color of soil which gives life. Black is the color of night which brings dreams.
A woman dressed in black signifies elegance, sophistication and confidence.  A man dressed for ‘Black Tie Event’ looks so impressive.

Black is just black and it’s beautiful,
Black is classy, sexy and powerful.


My long awaiting desire to have a beautiful black horse
It was many years back when reading Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, autobiography of a horse connected me with a horse’s life and it made me realize that horse is not only an intelligent but one of the most sensible creatures on earth.
Surprisingly it gave birth to a strange desire of owning a gorgeous black horse.
I want to have horse not as a pet but as a compassionate friend, who will listen to all my rants, take me to a long ride and smart enough to understand my life and myways.

Source: Google

Rare Black Roses of Halfeti
Turkish Halfeti Black Roses are very rare. I once read about them on a Turkish blog. It described that the black roses were grown in a small Turkish village called Halfeti and soon turn into dark-magenta color. It was also written that those black roses are one of the endangered species on earth.
There are also certain negative things associated with it like bad news comes with black rose. But to me black rose symbolizes passion and I would love to touch and feel it before it turns dark magenta.
If only I had the Black, Long & Lustrous hair…
Every time I see Vidya Balan in a hair oil TV Commercial with thick, long and beautiful black hair I fantasize about growing my hair very long and thick. I changed the hair oil with as much confidence as she has while saying “garv se badlo”.
But nothing worked for me, no thickness and no much growth.  I wish it was that easy to have black, long and lustrous hair!

Black Themed Music Room in my home
Yes, I so want a music room, black in color. I have always dreamt of a room painted black where I can rejuvenate myself by lying down on a black couch listening to music on my black Bose speakers.
That will be my corner of the house. 

(Though the picture below is not clearly depicting my imagination of the room but this was the most relevant picture I found online. )

One day I hope my dream comes true and I would post my black room's picture online!


Black Devil Cigarettes
Well, I am not a regular smoker. But I have heard that Black Devil Cigarettes are hard to find Dutch manufactured cigarettes, amongst the top cigarette brands in the world.
I would definitely love to have them and try for once.  ;)


So this was my list of beautiful black things that I wish to have some day! I would love to hear your unusual wish list too in the comments section. J

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Why it is important for women to be financially independent

Image Source: Google

This article by Neha Agarwal is originally published on

It’s been four months to my marriage. After marriage I continued my job in the same company, living in the same city and my focus on career is still the same as earlier, thanks to my husband. So unlike majority of girls, my life didn’t change much after marriage.
It feels good to be surrounded by a loving husband and rely on him for my day to day needs. But at the same time I think it is extremely important to be financially independent and having the confidence to manage my own expenses when needed.
Here are my reasons of why I feel it’s important to be financially independent:
Financial Independence brings Self-Reliance
A lot of times (in my personal and professional life) I realize it’s a “man’s world” where women are not equally treated. And thus woman needs to be empowered and independent enough to confidently take her decision ensuring a life with high self-esteem. Financial Independence help woman to rely herself and support her decisions.
Financial Independence gives you the confidence to take control of your destiny
There are situations where humans have no control and things happen because of fate, luck and will of God. Destiny plays an important role. But there are certain situations when women suffer only because they don’t have the confidence to take control of destiny. And she lacks the confidence because she is not financially independent.
Well I can take charge of my life when I am empowered and self-sufficient to manage basic necessities myself.
Financially Independent Women contributes to country’s economy and GDP
Increase in female participation at work helps society. They pay taxes to Government, help in a better GDP by earning actively. They also contribute to charity and come up as givers to society.
Financial Independent Woman can support her parents
Your husband earns well and taking care of all your needs. It is Ok. But what if you want to support your parents in crisis? Well it’s only in Bollywood or highly exceptional cases when husbands happily support your family. In real lives with high inflation rates it becomes tough to manage all the expenses for a single earning person. And even if your husband supports them, your parents will not like to accept it. But if the daughter is financially independent, they may take the help.
Financially Independent Woman acts as a backup for her family
Your husband wanted to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. But he cannot because family depends on his income. What if you were also working and could support the family. He could have easily gone ahead to accomplish his dream.
This is just one example. But there are circumstances like recession, health issues when it becomes a plus if the woman is financially strong.
Financial Independence brings self-improvement and personal development
You start earning when you constantly work on your skills. And once you start earning you have resources and freedom to further improve yourself by joining different classes and exploring your creative side. Besides meeting new people also help a lot in personal improvement.
Final Words
It feels extremely good to be not dependent on anyone for my things, whether it is to buy an expensive bracelet or a DSLR of my choice to pursue my photography hobby. I am slowly contributing towards building a better and improved me. And my husband loves me more seeing me doing my bits and moving forward each day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Engineering Students - Things to do in Summer Breaks

We did the hard work to get into Engineering, another four years hard work to get good grades, countless efforts that our parents put in our education, and in the end getting a job is the only thing we Engineers strive for.

And when we don’t get it on-campus, the day we graduate, we are counted under unemployed Indians!
Is it really worth it?

After one year of my post For the engineer, By the Engineer, this post once again is related to Engineering. 

Well it’s been 5 years of completing B.Tech. Some of my batch-mates are in big MNCs settled in other countries; others are working with SMEs in India. Some have their start-ups too. And some of them are not working because they chose not to.

Basically the phase after engineering when many of us in the batch were struggling for jobs is already over and all of us are now living a decent life busy with our jobs and family.

Now when I sit back and think of the days when getting a job in MNC with a good package was all we wanted, I smile. That was it for us (at least for me). And when I didn't get a good campus placement, only I know how much disheartened I was.

Five years down the line, here I am. A constant thinker and a passionate online marketing professional busy in her own wanderings and world.
And my batch-mates, they are also settled, living their lives, doing their jobs and busy in their world.
What I mean to say is, few years of struggle and everyone gets a job and if not instantly after few more years everyone has a decent package too.

However when I go back into memories, I realize I struggled after Engineering not only because of destiny but because I was ignorant. In 2009 or before, we didn't have the kind of easy access to information which is available today.

For example, if you are reading this article you are actually reading the mind of an Engineer who has gone through a phase and it is a better idea to learn from someone else’s experience rather wasting time in experiencing the same and then learn.

During my engineering summer breaks, what I used to do?

I used to come back to my home from hostel, enjoy good food, watch television and join few computer programming classes.
I never worked on engineering myself. I never gave myself some alone time to sit back and think on how could I improve myself. I never defined success for myself based on my interests and thoughts.

India doesn’t need programmers with engineering degrees. India now needs some real Engineers. Real Engineers are the ones who can foresee the real-world problems, imagine solutions and build them.

But they can do this once they realize the real purpose of life, what interests them, what they consider as success. And the best time to get this realization is in first/second year of Engineering. Unfortunately I realized this in second year of my job, was too late to realize.

Here are few things I suggest future engineers to do in their coming summer breaks that will help them in realizing few things, improving them & hence lead to a better Engineer in making:
      1)     Volunteer in an NGO
Contributing for social up gradations are life changing experiences. It leads to a journey towards inner-self. Volunteering for a cause teaches you commitment. It also makes you understand what society needs and how can you help on that. What can be the things that can lead to a better life of people?  And here the journey of innovation begins.

      2)     Go for an internship in an startup
India is witnessing an era of startups and entrepreneurial growth. There are a lots of innovative startups running on low budgets, in need of interns time to time.
Take a job in start-up during your summer breaks. Don’t do it for money but invest your time to understand their objectives and how they work.

      3)     Start a blog, learn to express and articulate
Blogging helps to improve the writing skills. It also helps you learn the art to articulate.
It enhance the vocabulary and also helps in enriching the knowledge of chosen topic in blogging.
Besides, blogging help you connect with a community and network with creative minds.

      4)     Spend time with family
Smart phones keep you connected online 24X7. You have no time for the real world. But still when you are at home, spend some quality time with your family. Spending time with your family help them understand you more. Sometimes your elders understand your aspirations and dreams better than you.

      5)     Develop reading habit
Reading helps you acquire knowledge. Reading also helps in relaxing your mind. And when the mind is relaxed, innovation begins.

Final Words
If you are in college, it is the best time to explore your inner-self and the world around. Don’t confuse the success (your definition) with a job in MNC. Experience as much as you can in the college life and come out as a real Engineer.

Image Courtesy: Aap Engineer Hain

Sunday, June 22, 2014

And presenting you my Besan Cheelas Recipe - My Experiment with Besan :)

Well, that's true. Very rarely, but it does happen at our home when I voluntarily feel like going to the kitchen and cook something.. And when it happens it's exciting.

I made Besan Cheelas during snacks time today. Husband wanted to eat something different so I tried my hands on making besan cheelas.

Recipe to make the besan Cheela:

Ingredients Required:
  • Besan/Granflour: 2 cup
  • 2-3 chopped onions
  • 2-3 green chopped chillies
  • ¼ small spoon coriander powder (dhaniya)
  • ¼ small spoon turmeric powder  (haldi)
  • Pinch of heeng (asafetida)
  • You can add little amount of red chilli powder too
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil
Method of making Besan Chilla:
  • Take a large bowl and put besan and all the other stuff (chopped onions, green chillies, coriander powder, turmeric powder, heeng, red chili powder, salt)

  • Add some water, stir it for 10 minutes. Make a smooth, a little thick batter. Lumps should not be formed. 

  •     Take a non-stick pan, put some oil, and let it be hot.
  •       Pour a big spoon of batter and spread it in round shape in the pan. I was not able to spread it using spatula. I took the pan in the hand using its handle and then moved it in a way that it spread in the round shape itself.

  •   Pour oil around its edges. Turnover the cheela when you feel the lower side has started turning brown
  •     Flip it to cook on the other side. Once both the sides are turned brown, remove it from the tawa and serve hot.
  •      You can serve it with green chutney and tomato sauce. I served it to hubby dear with tomato sauce and he really enjoyed eating it. 

    Look forward to your comments and add-ons in the comments section. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My 'Queen' Moment: A Visit to Mumbai alone

Couple of months back I watched ‘Queen’ featuring Kangana Ranaut. She played a girl from Rajouri who was dumped by her fiancée at the day of her wedding, decides to go alone for her honeymoon to Europe. I loved the movie, especially the last scene when Kangana walked through the arrival gate at Delhi airport back home. The kind of change in her body language and the level of confidence from beginning to the end was spectacle.

‘Queen’ was all about that feel or confidence you experience when you conquer your big fears of life.

Recently I also experienced a ‘Queen’ moment of my life. Something happened that helped me gain confidence and my fear is no more.

Here is the story of my ‘Queen’ moment:

I am born and brought up in a small town of U.P., did my schooling from a public school there. Then I moved to Dehradun for college. Later I came to NCR for job. Basically in all these years, I didn't travel much. All the cities where I relocated were near to my hometown and usually my mother accompanied me wherever I went that too either by bus or car.
So travelling alone to other cities especially the metro ones (apart from Delhi, I am here for last five years now) is not something I was very comfortable with. And when it comes to go by air, I become restless. My ears pain during takeoff, my heart literally sinks and I need to hold someone’s hand to make sure everything is fine. I always feared of travelling alone by air.
I know for my regular readers it’s a bit difficult to imagine me as someone who feared of something after all they know me as a self-dependent and confident girl from my blog posts. :)

But this fear was there.

Series of incidents last week

  1. Instructions to go to Mumbai on weekend to execute an activity in company event
  2. My first reaction was, “No, I won't go alone as I haven't ever been to Mumbai and this is a big responsibility”
  3. The kind instructor tried getting someone with me to accompany me there and help me in execution
  4. That someone mocked at me saying it’s just Mumbai and not Los Angeles. 
    And this was the turning point.
  5. The inner voice, a close friend and my husband helped me make the final decision. And I made the decision.
  6. I will travel alone, go to Mumbai and execute the activity.

And yes I did it. It was a great experience and learning.

Final Words:

Sometimes you just need the one push that forces you to stretch yourself and identify the strengths in you. And when you get that one push from life, be happy as this is going to help you in conquering your fears and coming out as a new and improved you.
By the way my one day trip to Mumbai was very nice and I explored the city little bit after the event finished. Glad I met new and wonderful people there, made nice friends too! It was a refreshing experience altogether.

Some pictures from the trip:

@ Candies, Pali Hills with wonderful people I met during the event. And I instantly decided to go out with them for lunch and roam around. 

Saw yet another sea after one in Kerala 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Online Shopping Experience of RaGa through Baggout (Hypothetical)

Disclaimer: Below story is a work of fiction.

It is after-elections phase in India. NaMo is now busy revamping India and Keju, as usual has his own agendas for creating drama.

In the meanwhile,

That morning when RaGa got up at night, 4 o’clock in the morning got out into the balcony and he thought,

“Enough of being an obeying son to Mom! What did I get from sacrificing western clothing? And yeah, the western girlfriend too. (Sigh!)”.

He then straight away went to his Mom’s room and said to her, “Mom, get up. Those white crumpled Kurtas just didn’t work for me while NaMo is rocking among Indians with his different style half sleeves Kurtas.  I don’t care. It’s the time when I can enjoy being myself. I want to visit Naani’s(Mother’s Mom) place to buy latest collection of branded clothes. I now want to have a new collection of Armanis and Burberry and whatever.”

And Mom replied with tears in her eyes, “Son, everyone wants to have branded clothes. But branded clothes are like poison. We should not chase the latest collections of branded clothes and we should only buy them only if we see value. Today India is not like what it was in 1984. Let me tell you, you can now buy clothes from your room itself. Shop online, login to, your online friends will help you make the final decision.

Voila, RaGa immediately logged in to and what did he find? Amazing deals, cashback and suggestions from online friends. So simple!!

He took no time to go ahead and buy amazing stuff from through Baggout. Eureka, he just made a smart decision that too in time lesser than Jupiter’s escape velocity.

Immediately after that he tweeted, “India is a funny nation. They chose an old man over beauty with brains like me. #LovingIt #LivingLifeToFullest”

Mom tweeted,” #FacePalm”
Kon-gressians retweeted the two tweets & Veronica just favorite them!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An Update: My Wedding Tales

è Two days after I announced the blog series “My Wedding Tales”, our car met an accident right in front of our house. Thankfully no hurt to any human being though some damage to car and society gate happened!!
è And yesterday when I went for an eye check-up due to constant irritation in eyes, doctor examined and identified dryness and infection in eyes. Not at all good, how can I cope up without using my laptop. L

Here come the views from well-wishers, “you should not write everything about your life on your blog or Facebook. Evil eyes are turning to you.” They are not wrong on their part, though I don’t believe much in this, when God is there what evil can do?

This cannot stop me from sharing my things with you.

And even if few bad eyes are turned to me, I am sure many of my readers are really happy for me and their best wishes are reaching me the way wi-fi signals are reaching to my laptop. ;)
Planning below topics under “My Wedding Tales”, let me know how you like it?

Here is the list of topics that I am going to write about under “My Wedding Tales”.

·         Pre-wedding Photo shoot - A memorable experience for lifetime
·         Where & How I bought my Wedding Lehenga
·         … because I have a brother, I will always have a true friend
·         A Recap of the Happiest Day of My Life: My Wedding Day
·         Sasural Genda Phool, a visit to Mother-In-Law in Kota, Rajasthan
·         Visiting Kerala, God’s own country
·         Enough of Gala time, here begins the Grihasthi(household) J

I might be slow in updating the posts due to my eyes issue but please keep coming here to check out the next posts. If not already subscribed, would request you to please subscribe this blog via email.

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  • Its done. 
    Thank you for your love to this blog J

Thursday, April 3, 2014

And the wedding happened… I still feel it like a dream! : My Wedding Tales

Note: If you are a first time visitor, read pre-wedding story here to connect more with this post. You can also consider reading my pre-wedding post Life Partner on Board: Welcoming Pankaj in My Life, World & Thoughts :) 

We are married for almost two months now and sharing our lives happily. But when I look back everything still looks like a dream! 

Like any girl, my wedding has given me so many wonderful memories to cherish forever.
And there is so much I want to share with my lovely readers. (I am sorry for ditching my blog for so long; I needed some time to settle my new life.)

A lot had to do from Roka (engagement) to Wedding, 
and for once I was so fed up of shopping, 
those fifteen days before marriage 
with no work and full leverage,
fifteen days post-wedding,
a visit to in-laws, kerala trip and then busy in home-setting
Hubby buying home stuff to kitchen utensils,
While I giggle seeing him begging,
to put a pause on this new way of spending!!
(My poetry skills are nowhere near to good, just tried to rhyme.. :p)

Now that I am back, I am going to share all my stories with you. Right from my wedding shopping, the pre-wedding Photo Shoot to wedding day, bidaai, visit to my sasural (in-laws place), Our Kerala Trip, our first car, start of our grihasthi (household) and my experiences of doing grah kaarya (household work) along with my professional life, and most important the Changed Me. LOL!.

There are so many things I want to rant about and can't cover in just one post. Thus Pankaj advised me to write multiple posts on my wedding experiences under the series My Wedding Tales!! :) :)
I liked the idea and here I am, writing the Introduction post for the series.
For few coming weeks you will get to read posts under My Wedding Tales. Hope you will enjoy it. 

And yes I made a collage for this series and the logo "My Wedding Tales" with the help of Picasa. Do let me know in comments if you like it ;)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Life Partner on Board: Welcoming Pankaj in My Life, World & Thoughts

I lived My Life in My Ways for majority of times till now! And here comes 2014 which is giving me a partner on board to share it. :)
Like anybody else I am also little nervous for many changes that would come ahead! Though I am sure with a mate like Pankaj, life will be easier and fuller.
Pankaj and I are marrying now but he is playing the roles of a superb friend, advisor and a cheer leader for almost three years. So he just has to take up one more role and things are sorted for life hopefully. :)
It’s around six months back that we decided to be together for the rest of life.
The day he met my family for the first time made me recall an instance from Ketan Bhagat’s novel when Kabir first met Myra’s family, he was touching the feet of all the elder ones and distributing chocolates to the kids. Kabir was behaving the way that his mother felt she has come there for her daughter’s wedding and not of her son’s. Lol!
In his first interaction with my family, my family said yes for him. It was a happy day of my life.
Basically the very first meet of my family with him & his family became our Roka day. :)
However three years back, when I met him for the first time I never thought he would be the one bugging me for the rest of my life. But he made sure he does. :D
We are very opposite to each other in the way we take our lives like I take my life too seriously and he has ways to be happy in every situation. I am sure it is rightly said ‘opposites attract’.

10 things about Pankaj that makes him really special for me:
  1. A best friend & a good listener. I can’t resist myself telling him the minutest things and he listens & reacts so patiently.
  2. He understands the way I am made and demands zero customization. He knows my imperfections!
  3. He nurtures my goals and encourages me big time
  4. One can see the true me when I am with him. With him, I am a free soul
  5. We walk together, no one ahead or no one behind. We share the power.
  6. He understands my priorities
  7. He is the only one who supports me in my weirdest entrepreneurial ideas
  8. He never says ‘No’ to go shopping with me and cheerfully explores whichever Delhi markets I take him to.
  9. He has promised, in the kitchen if I will cook he will do the dishes and if he cooks I will chop and we both will do the dishes. (Let’s see how much this happens. :p )
  10. I am biased about him and he earned this. I respect him for the way he is. :)
Wedding day is just one week ahead and both of us are eagerly looking forward to a happy & fulfilling life together.
P.S. Though I have more details to share with my lovely readers regarding our wedding. Like our complete story, our future plans, our friendship, our pre-wedding photoshoot, but pankaj has already instructed me not to write a very elaborated post!
After all its our graceful secret and you would love few surprise elements later. So signing off for now! Till then stay tuned because I really have a lot to share
#JaiGurudev :)

Update on 4th March 2014:

Please visit our wedding website :) :)
Thanks for all the love and good wishes..