Monday, August 10, 2015

Here is why I don't advise my younger brother #MySiblingRocks

Sibling stories by Bloggers for Rakhi Activity at IGP inspired me to share my sibling story too. Also I feel today is the best time to write this post as it's his birthday! 

To give a context, I and my younger brother are opposite to each other. We have different outlook towards life, career and success. Our definitions of happiness and satisfaction are also contradictory.

My favorite teacher in school always used to say that all I need is fame. Probably because he had seen me going an extra mile to earn trophies in interschool debate competitions. Why interschool? Because winning interschool competitions used to bag me a chance of getting into local newspapers. Why debate? I don't know but winning debates used to give me immense happiness.

At the same time, my brother is famous in the whole district as he by-hearted Hanuman Chalisa at the age of 3. And he used to visit churches, mosques with the same excitement as that of visiting the temple. Later he read Bhagwad Gita, Quran, Bible etc.

With the time we channelized our energies according to our likes and happiness. Today I am highly passionate about work while he is for Yoga. And even though we are totally different from each other, we share a very close bond.

Due to long distance whenever we get time we talk for hours, understand and support each other through thick and thin.

No matter what, we know we're family. Yeah!

He is younger to me but has a good maturity level, very affectionate and understanding. He is doing good in his life and constantly growing in a way he wants to. I am proud to see his intellect, maturity and spiritualism.

There are times when people advise me to advise him. They want me to advise him on success and life.
And I don't know what to say to them. Because I understand they are well-wishers.

Do you know what is that one thing which can spoil any relationship or can leave someone disheartened forever?

Comparison. People compare siblings, friends, spouses, relatives and even neighbors. I am a Bollywood Movie Buff. So please bear with me as I am going to be a little philosophical here.

We unknowingly compare Shamita Shetty with Shilpa Shetty, Abhishek Bachchan with Amitabh Bachchan or Aishwarya Rai, Tushar Kapoor with Ekta Kapoor, Tanisha with Kajol etc. Because we feel later one is more successful.  

Well, that's not right. Everyone has a different meaning for success. We are no one to judge others and their decisions.

Here is why I don't need to advise my brother

My brother is highly talented. He shined like a star during his school and college. Apart from his regular IT job, he does poetry, performs Yoga Asanas, loves to travel and reads a lot. He is a free soul. First of all I don't think someone like me is capable enough to advise him.
Secondly even if I can advise him, I won't. Because I trust his abilities and I am sure he will do something good with his life for sure.
Ups & downs are a part of everyone's life. And I know my brother will come out with flying colors, much stronger than he is today.

Wrapping up this post with lots of love & good wishes for you dear brother. Have a very happy birthday & Rakshabandhan. May God Bless You Forever!

Monday, August 3, 2015

3 Trusted Indian News Publications which are still referring APJ Abdul Kalam as Azad

It's been a long hoopla on Internet after actors like Anushka Sharma & Farhan Akhtar goofed up with the name of People's President Late APJ Abdul Kalam on Twitter.
After all the drama and news coverage that happened on how Anushka Sharma was able to post the correct name of India's most honored President Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam only after deleting her tweets twice, I never imagined our journalists and editors could still repeat it.
And the unexpected part, one newspaper is repeatedly doing it. It's high time when Indian Publishing Houses start reporting responsibly.
1) The Hindu

On 31st July, an article published here

2) DNA (
On 30th July, an article published here

3) IndiaToday did it twice
Check here and here.

About Author:
Neha Agarwal is a digital marketing enthusiast and an ardent follower of People's President APJ Abdul Kalam. In her childhood when Dr. Kalam was the President of India, she used to exchange her thoughts & ideas with him through letters. Apart from writing blogs, she is currently heading the search marketing team of one of the largest Indian Gifts Portal. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Don't limit yourself to LinkedIn for showcasing your Professional side

When I left my last job and posted about it on Facebook, I received two job offers (not interview calls) only through connections at Facebook. No kidding!

This is how it started:

Though I had already decided about What Next by then!

Why am I sharing this?
Because when people say, I keep my professional connections out of Facebook; all I do is smile. And I want to say if you do so you are missing a huge opportunity to showcase the personal brand YOU.

Suppose you meet someone during your holiday who shows interest in your professional life, what will you say? That I don't talk about my professional life during holidays? I talk about work only in office or office hours. Of course not. Because by doing this, you may lose an opportunity to showcase yourself  rather showcase the Brand YOU and may miss an opportunity coming to your way.

Casual conversations sometimes shows the doors to big opportunities. And that's what happens on social media too.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. If you know how to use social media wisely you can create an awesome personal brand YOU.

Will be sharing more about Personal Brand & Online Pehchaan in next set of articles. Till then stay connected and keep watching this space for more. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

IIT or No-IIT doesn’t matter, Important is to believe in yourself!

Science over Commerce,
Engineers & Doctors over other professionals,
Computer Science over other specializations,
MBAs over Engineers are considered superiors in India.

As an IT Engineer myself, I know someone with a B.Sc. (IT) degree knows no lesser than me about Information Technology. However this world sees an Engineer better than someone with B.Sc. (IT). This is how it is. People like to tag you in different classes based on your degree and pedigree.
And something which is no lesser than a fact in India is “IITians are the best of all”.

Who are IITians by the way?
The intelligent ones who once show their mettle by clearing IIT-JEE and the world knows forever that they are born to rule. Indians pay a part of their income as tax to ensure they get the best of everything.
Best labs, best professors, best environment, best equipment, best skills and last but not the least best opportunities! Best Companies line up for each batch of IIT every year.
If they decide to become entrepreneur, Indian Investors (Angels/VCs) consider supporting their startups.

I mean achieving becomes easier thereafter as ‘everyone’ automatically starts believing that they are destined to be successful.

Well this post is not for blaming. Also it is not an open letter to anyone.
I respect IITians and I agree they are capable. They are bright.

I am a non-IITian but Engineer (a part of that community of Engineers who compete directly with IITians at bigger levels in their career paths and feel demotivated when at some level their efforts get over-shadowed or ignored just because they don’t have the special label.)
After giving many years in a startup and contributing in building it a brand a non-IITian friend of mine said:

Who praises bricks and cement when a house is build; in the end it’s the interior on which owner spends and attracts people’s attention.

By this statement she meant whether or not you contributed, obviously when organization becomes big it needs people with branded labels for representation.
Her statement triggered the thought of writing this post. This post is not about an IITian but for a non-IITian by a non-IITian.

This post is my way to convey be you & believe in you. So what if stars weren’t aligned for the first time. So what if you didn’t care. So what if you cared yet didn’t get it.
Be patient. Keep working in your way & wait for the right time when you will be at the right place.

Non-IITian Engineers, a big bunch that didn’t or couldn’t show their intelligence to the world for the first time (i.e. did not clear IIT-JEE) and the World labelled them as ‘Mediocre’ for the rest of their lives.

The day they joined a local college after paying huge fees everyone automatically started doubting their abilities.

Average labs, average professors, average environment and average opportunities became the fate.

Every year average companies with average packages reach the campuses. Best amongst the average considered minds get selected and hired to do jobs at mediocre levels.
And if not hired by those average companies on average packages, it takes few more years to settle in a decent life.

Thinking of a start-up? Bad thought, who anyways is going to invest in an already labelled mediocre’s idea?

And every time a non-IITian tastes success, this world raises an eyebrow with doubt.
I am not exaggerating. Pedigree means a lot at least in India.

I know you face it. I face it too.

Yet I strongly believe if you have potential you will reach the destination sooner or later.
I am a non-IITian and I have no embarrassment about it.

Though with no special tag attached things are taking time in shaping up but the best part is they are shaping up nicely what if slowly.

Don’t think of the past as to why you did not take or got through JEE. Don’t feel insecure and don’t think of justifying yourself.

Just be focused and keep doing what you love. Nothing can stop you from achieving what you really want to.

IIT or No IIT doesn’t matter.

Success has different meaning for different people. 
And trust me, in the end things get better only for those who believe in themselves. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Did you get a chance to try freshly made Pizzas at #PizzaExpressInGurgaon? If not, Do it over the coming Weekend!

I want to start this post with the statement, “I am totally in love with Pizzas”. And I am sure you also love it. And thus I thought to share this wonderful news with you.
Pizza Express, a well-known chain of authentic Italian Food that ensures Pizza is made fresh and served in style, is launched in Gurgaon.

More About Pizza Express:
Pizza Express has over 500 restaurants around the World in 14 different countries including 8 restaurants in India.
Something which is very unique about Pizza Express Restaurants is beautifully-designed interiors and interactive Pizzaiolos who toss Pizza Dough very well in the open kitchens at the restaurant.
Simple. Fresh.
And beautiful.
Made by hand. Just for you. Fresh from our Pizzaiolos with the finest ingredients and cooked to order.
Read More about Pizza Express India on their official website 

I recently had a chance to enjoy its yummilicious Pizzas during its exclusive launch at Ambience Mall in Gurgaon.

Check out these pictures from Bloggers Event at Pizza Express, Ambience Mall in Gurgaon 

Me Posing at Pizza Express, Ambience Mall Gurgaon
Image Courtesy: Pankaj Chauhan @PizzaExpressIndia
Posing with a sweet fellow blogger Shruti Kumar :)
Tried Hands On PizzaExpress Style Pizza Making with the help of their Chef

All Thanks to Pankaj for playing the Photographer for the Event & taking so many pictures of mine :D

with Pizza Express Chef
Last but Not the least, Jazzy Performance by PizzaExpress Staff tossing the Rubber Pizza and Dancing Amazingly

Overall I had a great time at Pizza Express In Gurgaon.
How has your experience been to Pizza Express. Do share in comments. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Did You Know : pays you for shopping at Jabong as we all know is an Indian style and way of life e-commerce platform, offering clothings, footwear, accessories, fashion products, scents, home extras and other design and way of life products. The site began operations in January 2012. A standout amongst the most gone to e-business destinations amid the Great Online Shopping Festival 2013 was Jabong.

Web shopping through a solid and productive site like Jabong means shopping with accommodation. I can shop whenever, from anyplace. Regardless of the possibility that I need to shop at 2 a.m, I can do as such. Also I can scan through the same number of things as I need, without stressing over chafing the sales representatives of the store. I can 'set aside' the same number of things as I need in my Wishlist and afterward think about these choices at a later time, at whatever point I need, from wherever I need. Neither time matters, nor place, nor the seasons. Regardless of the possibility that it’s pouring torrents outside, I can at present go on a shopping spree from the agreeable insides I could call my own home. Isn't that a reason enough to incline toward web shopping?

Solace! That is really one of the fundamental reasons why I cherish shopping at Jabong. At Jabong Online Shop, I can purchase stuff to get all my needs together, and even stuff for home and toys for children. It offers such a great amount at one single spot. So no voyaging, no strolling about from store to store to assemble all the stuff required. What's more that additionally implies no shaking through swarm and no quarrel with impolite and chafing retailers and deals staff. It's so straightforward and agreeable. Any individual who knows how to switch on a PC and surf the net can without much of a stretch shop at Jabong. guarantees that the shopping background stays basic, agreeable and protected and secure. So that is most likely one motivation behind why I adore Jabong.'

It is truly simple to search through the wide range that it offers and rapidly achieve the things that match my necessities. Simply select the class of items you are occupied with and situated up your inclination in the side bar. What's more in jiffy you would be taking a gander at the items that match your necessities, without needing to invest time skimming through the large number of items that Jabong offers. For instance, you can determine your size, the shading inclination, the style, the brand you need and also your value range. This last alternative is a standout amongst the most valuable of the decisions you can set. It guarantees you rapidly achieve the items that fall between your financial plan section and don't need to invest time searching through things of all costs.

At Jabong, you additionally get a wish list wherein you can include all the items that you like. This makes a kind of limited run-down of picked items and makes it far simpler to achieve a definite choice of what you like best. Additionally, the things you add to the list of things to get stay there till you uproot them. Subsequently, in the event that you are in a rush right now, you can simply visit your list of things to get later and rapidly achieve your picked item without needing to skim for it through the whole scope of items once more.

Usually I shop on Jabong through as they are of the most unique websites that one can ever come across. Definitely shopping at Jobong is fun, but its awesome when you shop through as you get to earn a lot of money. How? Through Cashback.  I shop on all top online shopping portals through and in a year I’ve saved around 20,000 as Cashback. 

Yea that’s true I shop a lot and store all my Cashback at CashKaro. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

10 Interesting Picks from the Launch Event of Xiaomi’s Mi 4

I recently got a pleasure to attend the launch event of Xiaomi’s Mi 4.

As you are already aware that tech is not my forte. So this post is definitely not about specifications, comparison with other devices, price review etc. You will find it everywhere on web.

All I got to know about Mi 4 from the hands-on experience is that it’s a beautifully designed 5-inch device with some cool specs.

As a user I can download as much apps and songs as I want! Because it has a powerful processor (2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core), 3 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. Also it has got 13 MP Rear Camera and damn 8 MP front-facing camera. Besides it has got an attractive UI. And Guess what? For all this you need to pay a decent price of only Rs. 19,999/-.

Enough reasons to choose Mi 4 for anyone looking to buy a smartphone !

Well this post is about those 10 picks that caught my attention in the event. And I would love to share them with you. So here you go:

1. India is hugely important and we are here to stay, says Hugo Barra (VP, Xiaomi Global). 

A confident statement!

2.     Xiaomi 2014 Revenue is US$ 12 Billion. 

It's huge Hugo ! 

3.  Xiaomi is now the World’s Most valuable private tech startup, valued at US$ 45 Billion. 

Considering Xiaomi being a five year old startup, it's a great start of an awesome journey ahead!

4.      Xiaomi has sold 1,000,000 Phones in less than 5 months

Great going!

5.      Xiaomi’s Mi3 was 7th most searched phone in India 2014

Xiaomi's entry in India was #6 most talked about topic on Facebook in 2014, ahead of Alia Bhatt (#7) ;)

6. Over 85 Million MIUI Users Worldwide

Absolutely a great figure to flaunt! 

7.      MIUI6 a visually stunning update to its software is coming to India

We are excited about it!

8.      Mi 4 Stainless Steel Metal Frame “Smooth as Silk” has gone through 40 various Steps & 193 Processes

The Journey of a piece of Steel!

9.      Xiaomi invested US$ 300 Million in Equipment for Mi 4

Mi 4 is Xiaomi's pampered baby.. 

10.      Registration for Mi 4 on Flipkart has started and the sale is on 10 Feb

The registration is on. 

Last but not the least, my Moment of the Event

Mr. Manu Kumar Jain (India Head, Xiaomi) introduced me to attendees as ex-colleague at Jabong and now a pro-blogger during Q&A in the end.

Well I had the luck to work with him for around 2 years at Jabong. He has been a great boss and a wonderful mentor. One of those people at work I needed not to be politically correct!

Anyways felt really honored and glad with the recognition! After all I am not used to of such mentions. It was the first time I got one. :)

Such things lift your spirits and inspires you to keep moving.

Signing off with love,
Neha Agarwal

Monday, December 15, 2014

How to save time on your laundry

I have been writing a lot about managing house chores after marriage and recently I published an experience of dry cleaning services too. 
Looking at the difficulties I am facing while managing my household, Surf Excel Team approached me with some ideas on saving time on laundry.

Would love to share with my readers, hence publishing the time saving tips on my blog:

If you're a working woman, it can be difficult to find the time to do your laundry – you’re exhausted when you’re getting home in the evening, and would rather spend your weekends relaxing than doing chores. The good news is that whilst doing your laundry will probably never be your favourite activity, it doesn’t need to be something you dread doing either. Take a look at these simple tips for saving time when doing your laundry – so you can go back to that book or TV show in no time at all, or even squeeze in a load in the morning before you head out.

Preparation is key: washing your laundry load together doesn't save you time – actually, quite the opposite. Make sure to always sort your clothes into different baskets or bags as you go. This not only saves you valuable minutes of sorting socks in front of the washing machine but also ensures a smooth washing cycle with no colour bleeding accidents. It will also save you time in the long run, when you don't have to replace faded items or the accidental pink shirt – and save you the panic of potentially ruining your favourite work shirt. Separating into whites, darks, and colours is all you should need, with the occasional delicate cycle for silk and lace items.

Keep it clean: In order to clean and dry your clothes efficiently, it’s important to occasionally clean the washing machine and dryer themselves. Give them a good scrub from time to time, and make sure to remove excess water and lint from the dryer to get maximum efficiency. Tip: Add a dry towel to the drying load with your wet clothes if you’re in a hurry – it will absorb moisture and save you time!

Don’t overdo it: You might think that overloading your washing machine saves you time – after all, the more you can do at once, the better, right? Unfortunately, if you’re overloading your washing machine, its performance will suffer, and your clothes might in fact not get cleaned properly. There might be detergent residue, and in the long run, your machine might even decide it can’t take this anymore – all the more reason to stick to shorter cycles if you’re in a hurry, but do more rounds instead.

Soak it: If you’re facing a stubborn stain, don’t wait until after the washing and drying cycle to remove it – by that time, the colour might have set in your fabric. Instead, take a few extra minutes to remove the stain beforehand, soaking it and carefully dabbing at the stain using household items such as vinegar and washing liquid, depending on what kind of stain you’re facing.

Learn to fold: It’s not just about doing your laundry; it’s also about what you do next. Learn a few efficient folding techniques if you're not exactly a pro in that department yet – this saves you a lot of time, and, if you're doing a good job, you can even avoid ironing your clothes that way.

Use the time wisely: The good news is that once your laundry is in the dryer or washer, you don’t need to look after it for at least an hour. Use that hour wisely – make breakfast, get some work done, or even go for a quick run. Sometimes having a limited period of time available can increase your productivity, so in the end, you might even find yourself gaining time while doing your laundry.